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    When you know where you want to be, we can guide you to achieve that outcome.
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    If you can imagine what you want to change in your life, hypnosis can help you achieve it.

Hervey Bay Hypnotherapy

Helping you to make the changes you require in your life.

Do you feel that you are not achieving your full potential?

Our aim is to help you to manifest the positive changes you choose for your life.

Did you know that all hypnotherapy is really just guided self- hypnosis?  You never lose control or do anything contrary to what you choose with your values set. However, it may turn your life around if you have the courage to let go of sabotaging behaviours and old beliefs that hold you back. It’s your choice.

Hypnotherapy can be defined as the use of hypnosis to help you achieve your goals, to increase your  motivation or implement change for  personal or spiritual growth, and also can be used to help clients deal with the source of problems and change habits such as smoking and reclaim their lives through weight loss.

While traditional therapies deal with symptoms on a cognitive or intellectual level (dealing with the conscious mind), hypnotherapy bypasses the critical factor of the conscious analysing mind and goes right to the subconscious – which is the seat of the emotions as well as the storehouse of memories.

Clients often ask why they find themselves unable to accomplish seemingly simple goals and objectives through willpower. Changing your thought or habits requires subconscious cooperation. Whenever your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, your subconscious invariably wins.

All our present habits, mannerisms and thought patterns are the result of past subconscious programming from parents, teachers, friends, work colleagues, the media and the like.

At all stages of the client session you are in control and aware of what is occurring and it is you that provides the answers you need we are merely the guiding voice to help you achieve your desired outcome.

If you can imagine the outcome you want and are committed to making that vision a reality, then hypnotherapy is a powerful ally.

Often we form beliefs and hang on to feelings because of events in the past. Even though these events are over, our pain, anger or sense of being ‘stuck’ lives on. Sometimes we even allow   behaviours that hurt us to take root in our lives .Deep down, we yearn for change and the freedom to be who we truly can be.

At Hervey Bay Hypnotherapy, we offer professional personalised, supportive approaches that are advanced and effective. We can help you let go of trauma, reduce stress and anxiety, choose a healthy lifestyle, find peace with your emotions and increase your confidence and self- esteem.  This list is by no means exhaustive. You just need imagination, a willingness to follow safe instructions and commitment to the outcomes you have chosen for yourself.

What might those outcomes be?  Well, perhaps you will choose now to:

Stop smoking

Lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight) as part of a healthy life-style

Manage your anxiety

Overcome a specific fear

Let go of a past relationship or event that is blocking your growth

Manage stress or anger

Develop or improve on a skill, gift or sport

Overcome blocks to learning

Develop greater confidence and self esteem

Enhance your body’s healing potential

Discover your soul’s purpose or life lessons

The list could be as long as your imagination. Why not read more about us now in the About Us section of this website?  You can also learn more about hypnotherapy on the ‘Hypnosis’ page.

With your Vision and our Voice, we can certainly help you make your Ideal, Real.


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