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At Hervey Bay Hypnotherapy we want to help you:

Stop Smoking

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes

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Lose Weight

Stop Carrying That Extra Weight Around! Take Control and Let It Go!

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Manage Anxiety

Get Control Over Panic!
Release Anxiety and Stay Calm.

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Are You Wanting to Make Changes in Your Life?

You know what you want but something always seems to sabotage your best efforts.

Learn how to achieve your goals by rewiring your brain to lock in your vision for the future.

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Trained and experienced therapists at your service

Michelle and John are experienced fully qualified therapists who will work with you to help you achieve your dreams. Hypnosis, coaching, counselling, mentoring,cognitive behavioural therapy and median tapping may all contribute to your individualised program for lasting success.

I am very happy I decided to give your weight loss program a go. Over the course of the sessions I have progressed to a stage where I am no longer thinking about food. I now eat regular reduced size meals without the need to snack in between. I have a clear plan to reach […]

- Rose